In Pursuit of Sustainable Tourism – Notes from a Small Island Nation

by Phil Cumming on November 29, 2015

Several years ago my father in-law set the wheels in motion for a big family meet up in 2015. It would be the first time the New Zealand side of my family had all holidayed together in well over a decade. The question was where should this momentous occasion take place? We debated the relative […]

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Measuring Circularity

Squaring That Circle – Towards Practical Action on the Circular Economy?

by Phil Cumming on June 25, 2015

There is a lot happening in the circular economy space at the moment. You might argue that this has been the case for some years now. But things have appeared to step up a notch over the last few months. At a policy level, the EU is currently seeking views from the public in an […]

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Ensuring compliance with sustainability requirements during a major event

by Phil Cumming on March 1, 2015

This micro-report provides an overview of how compliance with sustainability requirements was approached during the Games and the learning that was gained. It can be read alongside a separate case study on the Games sustainability management system.

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Development and application of a carbon footprinting methodology for the Games

by Phil Cumming on March 1, 2015

Key sustainability lessons learned from defining, reducing and compensating of London 2012’s carbon footprint are set out in this case study. It can be read alongside a complementary research paper on how the Games footprint was reduced and compensated.

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